Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Burning Ones

Haven't posted in a while, so here goes.  In Isaiah 6:1-9, we see Isaiah's dramatic vision of the Lord on His throne in Heaven.  Around the throne, Isaiah sees these angelic creatures that he calls "Seraphim," which means "Burners or Burning Ones."  Their entire job is to guard God's glory, fly around the throne and shout praises to God.  They praise Him for His character (Holy, Holy, Holy) and for His dominion (the earth is full of your glory).

Now, fast forward to Hebrews 1:7 which states, "He maketh His angels spirits and His ministers a flame of fire."

God makes His ministers flames of fire (Burning Ones) for His glory!  Just as God has angels in Heaven burning with His glory and praising His name, He wants us who know Him to be burning for His glory and praising Him in the Earth.  We should be on fire and full of the Holy Ghost, sharing His good news to those around!

My challenge to you tonight is this: BE A BURNING ONE 4 HIS GLORY this week! There's a lost world who needs to hear His good news!  God Bless!

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