Monday, April 6, 2009

The Helmet of Salvation (Armor of God, cont.)

Eph 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation,

Many believe the "Helmet of Salvation" to be talking about getting saved. It is not. It is more walking in confident assurance of salvation than it is the moment of salvation. Now, before I go further, certainly you must be saved in order to effectively fight the good fight. If you're not, you're on the wrong side of this war anyway. But there are a lot of saved people who aren't walking in confident assurance of their salvation and as a result never engage in the battle for the Lord.

Paul, nailed this down in his first letter to the Thessalonians. He has this to say:

1Th 5:8 But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.

The word hope there speaks of a confident assurance. It is being confident of who we are in Christ. So, just who are we in Christ?

We're more than conquerors!
We're accepted in the beloved!
We're heirs and joint heirs with Jesus!
We're loved by the Father!
We're not condemned!
We're seated in Heavenly places!
We're endwelt by the Holy Spirit!
We're ambassadors of Christ!
We're not our own!
We're bought with a price!
We're saints!


Until a person is confident in their eternal position and standing in Christ, they won't effectively fight the good fight of faith!

So, how can one have this confidence?

1. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling! Make sure you are saved!
2. Live out what is inside! Live for Jesus! We are His workmanship created in Him for good works.
3. Give out the gospel. Everywhere and to everyone, share what Jesus has done for you and them. And
4. Speak out for Jesus and the truth of God's Word!

This week, rest in who you are in Christ, and live for Jesus fully armed and ready for battle!


Colvin5776 said...

Amen...Amen...This is one topic that God has been working on me here recently...Many of us Christians, realize we are saved, but fail to realize that our salvation does not only keep us from Hell but places us in a postion of streagth through Christ.

In fact as a Chrsitian we are no more adversaries of the Father but we are children of God who have his ear!...that is why the bible says ye have not because you ask not!...

When I thought about that know for a roman to put that on must have been a statment to know that "hey if someone starts something with me they will also have to mess with the entire Roman mess with a Roman Soldier means to fight aginst Ceaser himself!...We have that same position...when we go aginst Gods man...your not only going aginst a man, but a man who is backed by the Gods Athority! I am sure it was a great assurance for that soldier that there were others who will back you up...In fact the bible says that we are encompased about by a great Cloud of wittnesses (my paraphrase).

But you know that helmet would also warn others who you were...the helmet was a distinguishing factor! marked you as a Roman soldier...and so when you walked down the street every one knew who you were and who you represented...should it not also be with us who are christians...when others look at us...should they not also know that we are a soldier of the King!...When demons and devils look at us...are they worried by the fact that we are a threat to there plans?...saddly I feel that the vast majority take off there helmet...and leave off any distinguishing factors that may suggest that they are a soldier of the King...and in doing so they fail to realize the victory that they could have through the streagth of the King!

Nathan Wilkerson said...

Great points David! Let us live in victory and assurance, so everyone will know we are Christians! Let us also fight the good fight knowing that we are not alone, and God Himself is for us!