Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 Court Decisions which have Hurt America!

Psalm 9:17 - "The wicked shall be turned into Hell and every nation that forgets God."

As we come upon the July 4Th holiday in which we celebrate our nations birth, we are saddened as we see how far down America has gone in just the space of 46 years. Over the last 46 years there have been 3 major Supreme Court decisions which have drastically altered the course of our nation's life and history. It is sad that we have ceded so much authority and power to 9 individuals, but that is another post for another time. This week, I'd like to share those 3 court decisions and their impact upon our nation's recent history.

1. Murray vs. Curlett (1963). This is the landmark case that led to the Supreme Court decision which ended prayer in public school. One Atheist Woman, Madalyn Murray sued to get prayer ended. And what was the prayer that was so offensive, which the Supreme Court ruled had violated the 1st Amendment?

This simple and innocuous prayer: "Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon you, and beg your blessings on us, our parents, our teachers, and our country."

WHAT? NO MENTION OF JESUS CHRIST!?! NOPE! Just a simple invocation asking for God to bless the students, the parents, the teachers and the country. And what has been its effect? Students now have to deal with school shootings, rape, drug abuse, pregnancy, and suicide at record levels, the highest levels in the Western World! Parents are divorcing now at alarming rates, with over half of marriages ending in divorce, which again has cursed the students, who are growing up in fatherless homes. Teachers are no longer allowed to maintain order and discipline in the classroom, and more and more teachers are engaging in sexual deviancy with their students. And need we say anything about our country that finds itself with a devalued dollar, a diminished standing in the world, and less and less security? I ask you, "If we continue to sow to the wind, will we not continue to reap the whirlwind?"

2. Roe vs. Wade (1973). This is the case that legalized Abortion, or so they want us to believe. Technically, this issue should be decided on the state level according to the 10Th Amendment, because the Constitution doesn't afford, "A RIGHT TO AN ABORTION" per Se as the liberal establishment would have us believe. It was a classic case of legislating from the bench. And what has been its consequences? Partial birth Abortion, infanticide, 1.5 million abortions per year, A Social Security Trust fund that is non-existent, Little to No respect for human life, and Violent Crime has risen 700% in the last 30 years. Again, Scripture says, "Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap."


3. Stone vs. Gramm (1980). This decision banned the 10 Commandments from the classroom wall. In the ruling statement, the justices said, "If they are allowed to stay on the classroom walls, the students might read them, be influenced by them and obey them." This they said would violate the 1st Amendment as well. So, you honestly believe that it would be a bad thing for children and teenagers to obey "Thou shalt not steal; Thou shalt not kill; and Thou shalt not commit adultery?" How absurd! Yet, this is the logical or illogical conclusion of 40-50 yrs. of liberalism and secular humanism being shoved down the throats of the American young people, while the God of the Bible is mocked and ridiculed as an archaic figment of a less enlightened and intelligent generation.

BUT LET ME REMIND THEM WHAT THAT LESS ENLIGHTENED AND INTELLIGENT GENERATION ACCOMPLISHED THAT THEY CAN'T! They defeated fascism on 3 continents. They rebuilt this country from the ground up after WWII, and we had decades of prosperity because of their ingenuity. Yet, the more "enlightened" have been allowed to run our great nation into the ground and feed it to the dogs. And the Church by and large has let them. We've believed the lie that we are never to preach on the social issues of abortion and gay marriage, b/c that's getting "Political." We aren't to stand against sin, b/c that's being narrow-minded, bigoted, and judgmental. And the whole time, God sits on His throne in Heaven and waits until He will tolerate it no more and judgment comes. Isn't it time that the Church quit sitting still? Isn't it time for us to mount the wall again and reclaim our position as the watchmen for this country? Isn't it time for us to repent, turn from our wicked ways, and beg God to have mercy, forgive our sins and heal our land? IF WE WILL, HE WILL! 2 CHRONICLES 7:14


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