Monday, February 6, 2012


God truly blessed us with His presence at the Creek yesterday! It might have been Super Bowl Sunday, but it would have been super anyway getting to be with God's people! The Spirit was strong in the house! We were blessed with a great crowd (322) and an altar full of people making things right with the Lord! We began our "SERIES W/I A SERIES" as we are studying about spiritual warfare from chapters 9-12 of Revelation.

We studied about how we are engaged in a battle for souls in Heavenly realms. The Fallen Angels (demons) and God's angels are involved. We are truly in a battle. The lines are becoming more definite; the enemy is becoming more emboldened; BUT PRAISE JESUS, THE VICTORY'S ALREADY WON!!! The hordes of Hell have no authority over those sealed by God! While the enemy rages, we simply must stand our ground and fight the good fight until the Battle's won!

Sister Shirley, Bro. Jeff & the Choir ALL did an outstanding job yesterday and last night blessing us with special music! We experienced true worship! Last night, we hosted the Judson Association Church Growth/Evangelism Rally! My dad, Evangelist Terry Wilkerson spoke about how to be a witness like the Apostle Paul from Acts 26. We were challenged and stirred! Dad also had training for TEAM ANDREW! We are gearing up to launch next week! May God bless each of us as we fight the good fight and win souls to Christ before He returns! Have a blessed week!

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