Friday, January 2, 2009

Shine in '09!

Matthew 5:16 - "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven."

Often times at the beginning of a new year, we make resolutions. What they mainly boil down to is resolving in your own mind to do better in one or more areas than the year before. The sad truth of the matter is that most of the time, after 1 or 2 weeks, you go back on what you had resolved to do. Well this year can be different.

I love the New Year, because it affords us a new beginning. It allows us to wipe our slates clean and start over. As you face the New Year, I want to encourage you to Shine for Jesus this year! Resolve to be more godly, more joyful, more of a witness, love your wife more, and live life to the fullest this year! Be all you can be in the Lord's Army.

Now, let me warn you. There was a man in the Bible who was very blessed and powerful. His story is found in Daniel chapter 4. He was Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. He was constantly being given prophetic dreams about himself that only Daniel could interpret. Now, this particular dream involved him being brought low because of his pride. He was warned that he only had 12 months (1 yr.) to get right with God. You would've thought that He would've immediately repented and cried out to God for mercy, after all He'd seen God's hand on Daniel in Daniel 1 and 2. He'd seen the Son of God show up in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego in Daniel chapter 3, but how subtle pride is! And how hard it is to break! He had to learn his lesson the hard way. At the end of the year, he stood in the palace and looked out at Babylon with its magnificent Ishtar Gate and Hanging Gardens. He no doubt thought about how he was the gold head of the statue and first major Gentile World Ruler; and instead of giving glory to God, He said, "Look at what I've built." His punishment: he had to graze in the fields like an animal for a time until God had broken Him.

I ask you, which scenario will describe you this year? Will it be one who loves justice and mercy and walks humbly with your God? Or will you be lifted up with pride and have to suffer the consequences? Resolve with me to shine in 09 for Jesus!!!


Wilson S. said...

Amen!! It's a new year and a new opportunity to put the past behind and look ahead to the promises of God. I pray that all of God's children will renew their minds and seek fresh direction for service this year!

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